BJP should look beyond Ram, Ayodhya and Cow

The employees were at leisure in Jawahar Bhawan, the building in Lucknow housing over a dozen government departments, when the other day the discussions veered to Congress’ performance in three states where results of assembly elections were announced recently. Over a dozen employees were seen animatedly analysing the results of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattiagarh

Dahakti Jawani, Mahakta Husn

It was a lazy Sunday evening. The attendance in the newsroom was very thin. Our quintessential Bhatt Sahib strolled down the aisle of newsroom where our Sport in-charge sits said something about ‘Dahakti  Jawani, Mahakta  Husn‘. I was busy giving final touch to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech which he had delivered during Ground